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Life Boat Tents

To protect life boats and rescue boats onboard from adverse conditions.

Life boat tents SHAM (SHAP) – 20 (22, 30), and SHDV-13 manufactured from the armoured PVC. Colour red or other colours as per customer demands. Tent size range – from 2500 x 4800 mm to 2900 x 8200 mm , packed size from 800 x 400 x 150 mm to 900 x 600 x 350 mm , weight 12 - 18 kg .
There is a poosibility to order custom type tent as per customer drawings.

Tarpauline Covers

To protect deck equipment or deck cargoes from the atmospheric adverse conditions.

We can manufacture any cover as per customer specifications/ drawings. Maximum size – 20 х 30 m.